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Brandon’s first blowjob

A lot of us have experienced it. You see him across the club and you want him. And more than anything you want him NOW. Off into a quiet alley you go. But what if you’re caught? Is it worth it? One look at his gorgeous body and you know it is. Vincent DeSalvo is thinking the same thing as he drags a hesitant Brandon Kent into the alleyway.

Brandon isn’t so sure but how can anyone turn down Vincent’s puppy dog eyes. Not to mention a naturally smooth body that’s gotten better and better with each video thanks to a strict workout regiment. Pretty soon he’s making out with the hot stud and forgetting all about his concerns over getting caught.

And as Vincent wraps those talented lips around Brandon’s aching hardon his exhibitionist side takes over and he doesn’t care who watches. It feels so good getting sucked off where anyone could walk by and if anyone can suck a dick to make your toes curl, it’s Vincent. He knows how to make every inch of your thick, dripping manhood scream with pleasure.

And if that wasn’t enough, he flips Brandon around and dives that handsome face of his deep into Brandon’s asscrack, making him moan in pleasure. Brandon is so damn hot and watching him get his first male blowjob from Vincent is amazing.

His handsome face and gorgeous body are enough to watch doing a solo but getting to watch his body shiver with pleasure as Vincent goes down on him is almost too much to handle. He has that look of, ‘I shouldn’t be enjoying this but it feels so good’.

And when Brandon shoots, Vincent attacks his cock like a cum starved animal, basking in the streams of the stuff as it lands all over his face and chest. And when he shoots his own load you wonder where it all comes from because he just keeps coming and coming.

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Nathan fucks Chase hard and deep

It was several weeks ago that Nathan, the str8-ish martial arts expert, had his boy on boy sex debut with Tommy. Though it was supposed to be a one-time only event, I wasn’t surprised when he called to ask to try it again. He picked Chase out of the line-up as his ideal second try and Chase was more than willing.

They were both a bit shy at first but after they got talking, they both realized that they could get exactly what they wanted from each other. For Nathan, he could get a sweet smooth ass to fuck and for Chase, a masculine boy to pound him hard and deep.

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